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High Cup Gill (or High Cup Nick or just High Cup), almost a geometrically perfect U-shaped chasm, is a valley deeply incised into the Pennine scarp to the northeast of Appleby-in-Westmorland in Cumbria and within the North Pennines AONB in northern England. It is considered to be glacial in origin, ice having over-ridden the area during successive ice ages. To its southeast is Murton Fell whilst Dufton Fell is to the north.

The Ordnance Survey name the valley as High Cup Gill but it is often referred to by the name High Cup Nick, a name which properly refers in a more limited sense to the point at its northeastern limit where the headwaters of Highcup Gill Beck pass from the relatively flat terrain of High Cup Plain over the lip of High Cup Scar into the valley. ‘Gill’ is a word of Norse origin meaning narrow valley or ravine whilst ‘beck’ signifies a stream; both occur widely in the hills of northern England. As seen in the classic view southwest over the valley into the Vale of Eden from its head at High Cup Nick, it is considered one of the finest natural features in northern England.

High Cup Nick – Appleby to Dufton, Saturday 13th October 2012

Aycliffe Fell Walking Club – High Cup Nick – Appleby to Dufton, Saturday 13th October 2012

This is an additional reminder of the next walk and to provide you with the information sheet. Instructions for booking your place, if you have not already done so, are on the sheet which is attached.

Please note that the AGM will be held on Wednesday the 7 November, 2012 in the INEOS Sports and Social Club pavilion starting at 7.30pm. The bar will be open and there will be facilities for showing your photos of walks over the past year.

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Route Sheet : 2012-10-Appleby-to-Dufton

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