Month: December 2017

Apologies for the website downtime

I’d like to apologise to users of the website for the downtime we have experienced this month. There was a problem with the website hosting and the backups failed to restore properly. As a result of this, the legacy posts from the website are being re-created from archives. This is a bit of a time consuming process, but eventually almost everything will be restored.

If you had signed up to contribute to the website in the past, you’ll need to register again, as there is no way I can recreate these accounts as an administrator with your original username/password details.

I’m restoring the most recent stuff and working backwards. There are also a lot of links to other websites that will need to be re-created, but i’m giving these a lower priority at the moment until the main bulk of the posts have been restored.

The photo gallery has now been removed (because of spam photos) and the old photos incorporated into the thread of posts. See the photos category at the right of the page.

If you notice anything missing, please drop us a line on the Contact Us page.


Dave O’Hara, Admin

DKO, Reykjavik, Iceland, Mar 2017

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