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The Pennines, also known as the Pennine Chain or Pennine Hills, are a range of uplands running between three regions of Northern England: North West England on the west, North East England and Yorkshire and the Humber on the east. Commonly described as the “backbone of England”,[2][3] the range stretches northwards from the Peak District at the southern end, through the South Pennines, Yorkshire Dales and North Pennines to the Tyne Gap, which separates the range from the Border Moors and Cheviot Hills across the Anglo-Scottish border, although some definitions include them.

Wainwright Pennine Charity Walk 28 September 2013

for children with down syndrome
[Registered Charity No. 1115300]


We are looking for experienced walkers to undertake a very special fundraising journey on 28 September 2013.

On the 25th September 1938 Alfred Wainwright, the well-known Lakeland Fells writer, set out on his 247 miles long Pennine Journey.
To celebrate the completion of the waymarking of the route it is intended that the complete route be walked in a day. To this end a number of Charities have been invited to participate in this historic event and ECCDS has been allocated two sections of the route [10 walkers for each section]. See this link for full information:


To be considered for a guaranteed place you will need to apply early:
[It is anticipated that requests for places will be vastly oversubscribed]
Please contact:
Sandy King
Tel: 01325-329939

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