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Record number of visitors for January 2012

The new website continues to attract new visitors and members, and in January 2012 the website received a new record number of visits. 208 people came to our site during the month, viewing 488 pages. Thanks for the support, especially those people who have supplied pictures, and I hope to add more articles in 2012.

Request – if anyone can write a ‘story of their walk’ when they go on Aycliffe Fell Walking Club trips, we’d like to hear from you. If you are signed up as a member of the Aycliffe Fell Walking Club website (and 18 of you have so far), you can contribute your posts to the site. Once they’ve been checked out, we’ll publish them. We’d really like this to become reality, as the site truly then becomes ‘yours’ as members.

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Help Promote Aycliffe Fell Walking Club

Dear Fellwalkers,

I hope you’re enjoying the new website and the extra facilities it puts at our disposal. One of the reasons for creating it is to popularise the club and improve it’s visibility. We’ve started to submit the site to other online walking sites, and are being pro-active in spreading the word, but you can also help.

If you have a Facebook account, or post on other Social Networking sites, please share the posts about upcoming walks with your friends by simply clicking the Share/Save button at the bottom of any post. This will put an automatically formatted post on your Facebook wall so it can be read by your friends. Hopefully this will help to generate extra interest in the club. Bearing in mind most people have 100+ friends on Facebook, this allows us to potentially reach thousands of people. If only a small proportion of these are interested, it will help a lot, and you could get to walk with your friends. 🙂

Thank You.

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New domain name for the site

Aycliffe Fell Walking Club now have a new domain name available to access our site. It’s a lot easier to remember and gives us more of an identity. Please update your bookmarks for this. Please also take note that there are new email addresses associated with it, located on the Contact page.


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